How to Use The Polymer List to Buy & Sell Plastic Successfully

Those Looking to Buy:

  1. Browse New Listings - and do some shopping.  We encourage all of our sellers to elaborate in great detail on what exactly they are trying to sell.  Everything is sorted by the listing date; new posts will always be on top.  You can even use filters to help you find exactly what you are looking for.


  1. Initiate Contact - After you have found the resin of your dreams, now it's time to contact the seller directly.  Fill out the message box at the bottom of the listing and ask whatever questions you may have about the material.


  1. Click Submit - Your personalized message will be sent directly to the sellers email address that they provided during registration. This message will include your basic contact information so that you can interact outside of The Polymer List. 


  1. Confirmation - A copy of your message to the seller will also be sent to the email address you provided during registration.  This message will include the sellers basic contact information just in case you want to give them a call immediately or email them directly.


  1. Make a Deal - Strike a deal with your new supplier.  We recommend taking your time and sampling all materials before making a purchase--especially regrinds.  It's always good to check credit references too.