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74cc069a-3d7f-4856-9ae9-ed8cd35361c530812/15/2019 10:14:41 AM1516 PE PE (HDPE)HDPE,LDPE,ABS,HIPS,PC,TPO,TPE50000$0.15ENGLEWOOD CLIFFS, NJ - US
7153ef42-93e1-4fe9-9529-b0fdcdf8f92d30802/12/2019 4:01:18 PM1554 LDPE/EVA EVAMany MI and VA% partial or full truck loads. Will sell only to credit worthy customers47000$1.00louisville, KY - US
c5a001be-d03a-4bb5-b808-9dec1b80a41d30792/10/2019 7:56:02 PM1543 HIPS Reprocessed Black PS (HIPS, GPPS)6 Gaylords of HIPS - Black Color Can ship.8000$0.25Monticello, IA - US
ff017d1e-409f-4261-b76a-b494d7fa6f7430782/8/2019 3:44:08 PM1146 Prime Virgin Natural Forton 1140L4 PPSPrime Virgin Natural Forton 1140L4 in original bags with lot numbers. 1102 lbs are perfect.. A...1326$4.25Plymouth, MI - US
b5562b28-bace-42a9-9293-86e49ab265c530772/8/2019 2:32:41 PM1006 TPU 58213 TPUTPU 58213 natural pellets are an aromatic ester material. These virgin pellets are for extrusion ...40000$1.00Akron, OH - US
ef7621fd-f1b6-46d5-885f-d4e6346512a230762/7/2019 2:01:11 PM1482 PC Clear virgin PCDomestic PC 10 melt w/UV good clear virgin offspec - no yellow pellets. Price listed is delivered...40000$1.12Any, OH - US
fd906c2f-d72d-4820-a58b-b7d26191ee4c30752/7/2019 1:58:45 PM1482 PC Clear virgin PCDomestic PC 10 melt w/UV good clear offspec - no yellow pellets. Price listed is delivered anywhe...40000$1.12Any, OH - US
adc8d63f-5580-4ae1-b486-6c6398114a8230742/6/2019 3:24:13 PM1146 Prime Virgin Black FR Noryl NH7010 (N300) PPOPrime Virgin Black FR (VO rated 288 HDT) Noryl NH7010 in original bags with lot numbers.11000$1.48Worcester, MA - US
9e7822cd-3975-4361-ad58-e66f757b5bf430732/6/2019 3:22:28 PM1146 Prime Virgin Natural GF Ultem 2100 PEIPrime Virgin Natural Ultem 2100-1000 in original bags with lot numbers.2500$7.05Worcester, MA - US
b985e5c2-7a81-40b6-9076-9f9e52670dc530722/4/2019 10:27:49 AM1546 BOPP Film Scrap PP (Other)Rolls of BOPP Film available. Bales of BOPP Film scrap also available.40000$0.10Macon, GA - US
ace8ef2b-f0ab-4ba3-8cc1-31dd13f77c1b30712/1/2019 2:19:39 PM1452 Hdpe Film PE (HDPE)super clean baled film120000$0.14Detroit, MI - US
7d10ff7f-f3e2-4afd-826e-98487641189f30702/1/2019 2:15:13 PM1452 PP regrind PP (Copolymer)regrind from purdge very clean 30% calcium filled80000$0.28Detroit, MI - US
63aa2b91-2683-4727-84b2-0e8928aff8e130691/29/2019 5:02:15 PM1482 Noryl unfilled black regrind PPONoryl 6 izod FR unfilled black & blk gry mixed regrind. All good for black. Lowered price to mov...8000$0.48worcester MA, MA - US
c93ff3e1-c1a1-4563-9f90-75be49bb19f330681/29/2019 10:43:39 AM1512 buy TPU TPUtpu tpee hytrel42000$1.00hongkong, FL - US
c110837e-d850-4ea6-a29b-d2205d73c5ec30671/25/2019 10:24:45 AM1454 Ultem 2300 PEIUltem 2300 Black Regrind Make offer6237$0.00Howell, MI - US
a14ef46d-0013-46d0-95bf-b73f96bc7a9630661/25/2019 10:10:32 AM1454 Pulse 2000EZ Type PC/ABSPulse 2000EZ Type Black Virgin Virgin Trinseo material in plain unmarked gaylords Make offer11500$0.00Howell, MI - US
57be8310-bd5e-4ef2-8754-6a25d6abf76a30651/25/2019 10:08:52 AM1454 Pulse 2000EZ PC/ABSPulse 2000EZ Black Prime Original gaylords with labels and lot numbers Make offer10000$0.00Howell, MI - US
0704c5e2-b81e-4224-857b-84f3a26bddd030641/25/2019 10:07:50 AM1454 Noryl GFN2 PPENoryl GFN2 (20% glass) Gray Regrind20000$0.35Howell, MI - US
3e59994c-e0cd-4524-b376-1e918517cbe730611/18/2019 3:53:12 PM1482 PPSU PSUPPSU natural regrind Solvay Duradex D-30007000$3.40Los Angeles, CA - US
1a2741e4-45a3-4989-9126-d08239c39a9f30601/18/2019 3:20:30 PM1455 PSU P1700-NT11 natural regrind PSUClean regrind from medical6000$3.20Ventura, CA - US
ec823830-363d-4eec-a224-b18f1980bf3530591/18/2019 3:19:16 PM1455 PC Black Pellets PCCompounded using virgin PC. 12 MI, 15 IZOD, Good black (no pitting or streaks)40000$1.04Ventura, CA - US
967af14c-11f1-484f-8614-f35a2cf6c6e130581/18/2019 3:17:26 PM1455 Nylon 6 33% GF Black Pellets Nylon 6High quality compounded with virgin feedstock80000$1.19Ventura, CA - US
55e62685-dfe2-42d0-b966-e8742420545530571/18/2019 2:46:39 PM1455 Nylon 6 33% GF Black Pellets Nylon 6Material has been compounded from virgin pellets80000$1.19Ventura, CA - US
3d1550e1-2659-461d-b983-f3b9f90ed9ff30531/4/2019 2:33:31 PM1482 PESU natural scrap PSUUltrason E 6020 P PESU fibers/strands - natural40000$0.70Houston, TX - US
7b493d1f-4db5-458e-9117-f55049b95ced30521/4/2019 2:25:14 PM1482 Nylon Vydyne R220 Nylon 66Vydyne R220 natural prime14400$1.05Millbury, MA - US