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Buying plastic resin has never been so easy until now  

Here you will be able to browse though over 38 different resin families in up to 12 unique forms.  From Prime Virgin materials with manufacturer's certifications, to unground parts and regrind, The Polymer List® has been designed to accommodate every buyer in the plastics industry.  


A New Way to Buy & Sell Plastic

The Polymer List® is a place for those in the plastic industry to connect and network in one place.  Whether it be hard working injection molders looking for a way to be competitive with foreign markets, to those sifting through and recovering  valuable recycled plastic scrap, The Polymer List® has been designed to provide you with the most proficient tools and networking solutions necessary in order to BUY & SELL just about any form of plastic resin.  

We understand how diverse and complicated our business has become over the years, let’s be honest, a great deal is hard to find these days.  That is why we are here to HELP YOU SAVE and INCREASE YOUR MARGINS by offering materials BELOW MARKET VALUE directly from the source.

A place where buyers and sellers of plastic resin are brought together with one easy-to-use tool—We are proud to present you with:  The Polymer List®

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Making it simple to sell resin quickly 

Do you have gaylords of unused obsolete plastic resin just taking up space on your floor?  Are you looking to reduce your inventory and free up some much needed cash? You came to the right place! The Polymer List®  will put you in touch with a potentially endless amount of buyers that might be looking for exactly what you are selling.  

It's simple!  Just list your materials with our "Create Listing" feature and publish it for the world to see.  You would be surprised to see what that old dusty box of resin is worth.

Recent Listings

PP / ldpe / hdpe virgin resins


LB Available : 180,000

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PP BLK REPRO 20+MFI 20% TF 6 Izod

Polypropylene COPP BLK REPRO MFI 20+ ASH 19.0 Izod 6

LB Available : 80,000

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PC/ABS T88 10 GF

PC/ABS T88 GF 10 black pellets available. This is virgin material with 10% glass fill packaged in...

LB Available : 40,000

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PC/ABS T88 20 GF

PC/ABS T88 20 GF black virgin pellets available with 20% glass fill. This is injection molding gr...

LB Available : 23,000

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arnitel pm 381 natural regular available exw

LB Available : 84,000

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We are currently sourcing Hytrel 5526 or equivalent material of similar hardness. Please advise a...

LB Requested : 40,000

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Natural Frac PP

Looking for Natural frac CoPP Regrind. Truck load quantities ongoing. Please send details

LB Requested : 42,000

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Radel regrind

Radel regrind - all 5000 and 7000 series grade numbers Any color or mixed colors - no black

LB Requested : 20,000

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PC white regrind - 10-20 MFR

LB Requested : 20,000

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ASA Luran 777

ASA Luran 777 or 778 M/C to go Black Regrind. We need a 50 Ib sample of each from good, on-going...

LB Requested : 42,000

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